Innovative design.
Disciplined investment.

These are the principles that have allowed us to successfully create transformative urban developments over the last years and it is a vision that guides the future of Iber Immobilier.

Innovative design.

We believe that few things add greater value to our projects than high quality, innovative design. In competitive real estate environments, design is one of the key elements that consistently differentiates our projects, regardless of the market segment each project targets.

We go beyond client needs with in-depth analysis that allows us to deliver maximum value and functionality, from an urban scale down to finishing details. We are driven by the need for constant innovation: we use the most current construction practices together with quality materials and the latest technologies to achieve projects that deliver an exceptional living experience while offering efficient long-term operating and maintenance costs.


Our expertise extends to all aspects of project development except constructions – land or building acquisition, urban development and planning, teams of architects and engineers, directors of design and quality control for worksite execution and follow-up of the construction by the G.C., sales and marketing, and customer service that achieves the highest level of satisfaction with our clients.

Each time Iber Immobiler undertakes a new project, we approach it with a disciplined professionalism that pushes us to exceed industry expectations, to improve on past successes and to demand more of ourselves. There is no resting on laurels; we strive for continual improvement.

Disciplined investment

Our Know-How allows us to propose new strategic acquisitions to our investors and to develop projects with a disciplined, long-term view while maintaining the agility to adapt to specific market circumstances. Our familiarity with the Montreal and Canadian markets derives from our participation, over the last years, from the hospitality division, specialized in construction management and management of a number of well-respected and financially profitable hotel properties. Our track record of success has taught us to identify long-term value opportunities as gaps appear across and within different segments.


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